Thursday, May 17, 2012

Fifty Shades of Green

No. This blog entry is not about what you may be thinking.  I'm not going there because I'm not talking about the color grey. It really is about the color green and, okay, maybe green is a little seductive especially during this beautiful month of May.  Green's allure conjures up thoughts of how a mystical emerald city comes alive in the trees and foliage here in the fresh, clean air of the countryside. Trees, now leafed out and ladened in their prettiest of ruffled finery, create lush canopies over winding roads while early morning dew magnifies the beauty of the scenery.

Anyone who has lived through a long and colorless winter can appreciate the verdant freshness of green. The meaning of green in flower color is about renewal, hope, growth and youth. Think of how you feel when you smell the intoxicating scent of a newly mown lawn and it's lushness as it shines in the daylight. Green in nature is so complex and vivid yet it seems as though it's easy being green in the springtime. Even a grey day seems to glow in the shimmering green of May with it's juicy goodness. Bright green is the color of Mother Nature at her highest peak and May is Mother's month so enjoy her bounty and embrace the gifts of green paired with purples, yellows, pinks and reds of the season's flowers.

May is the month of pure green enjoyment.  The harvest is still months away and the weeds, although they have made an earlier appearance this year, have still not attained their midsummer stronghold in the garden beds. The shades of green in May should not be missed--think mint juleps, fresh herbs, crisp lettuces and cool vegetables, rolling lawns and swaying trees in the breeze.  Not a trace of winter is left and, I think, we can attribute it all to at least fifty shades of green.


  1. Just shared your blog with my gal pal Phoebe, the one I brought to your lovely Tea.

  2. Such lovely imagery in your descriptions! I was just reading your words aloud to my MIL, who said it sounded like some of the beautiful passages in the Sue Monk Kidd book they are currently listening to on an audio book. :)

    I can appreciate 50 shades of GREEN. (I'll be avoiding the grey.)