Tuesday, March 6, 2012

What's Going On?

It's March and already the garden "to-do's" are piling up all over the place.  We finally got the pussy willow harvested this past weekend and while the prodigal son returned home for a week of spring break, I guess he is taking that "break" word literally having succumbed to some kind of wicked flu-like virus.  And, Peter, well where is Peter anyway?  Ahhh yes!  I see him out there...Skulking around behind the garage.  No time for skulking...keep working.  We open for business in a month and the clock is ticking!

Most people sneak out behind the garage or wood shed or whatever you may have in your yard and smoke a cigarette or two in between chores.  Of course, that would be most people.  My husband, on the other hand, snuck out behind the garage to layout yet another garden!   Does he not realize that I can see him out there and that I know what he is doing?!  And, while the thought of another garden to attract honey bees and hummingbirds and to while away the day in enjoying the herbs and flowers is certainly a lovely idea, I sit here at the window gazing out at scores of untrimmed lavender plants and a milieu of existing garden beds that need mulching while tree branches and tall grasses need cutting back as well...heavy sigh.

Yet, as I survey what his vision is for this space that will play off of long narrow beds of purple, violet lavenders and the circular stone path surrounding a serene fountain that already compliments day lillies, bee balm and dogwoods, I can begin to see it as a place of enchantment and simple natural pleasure combined, just as I see all of the other gardens here at Blooming Hill.  It will be another place to enjoy a rich profusion of greens and delicate but colorful flowers instead of a plain backside of a clapboard building.  Certainly not a place to sneak around after the garden is fully installed, although the devil deer way out there seem quite intrigued with what is going on behind the garage as they smack their lips and envision, I'm sure, a new salad bar being so thoughtfully created just for them.  Keep working, Peter and work fast while you're at it!

There isn't any spare time for frisbee-playing, either!  Another day perhaps, and even though the back of the garage is calling, daylight is burning.  Surely, Peter and the prodigal son can fit in a few more things like mulching and pruning and anything else I can think of as we march through March garden chores.  Good thing they don't smoke cigarettes...Absolutely no time for that!

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  1. I've always loved pussywillows. *sigh*
    That new garden space will be absolutely lovely!

    Poor Tucker. I'd throw you the Frisbee if I was there.

    The last traces of snow should be melted away tomorrow. Just in time to start planning our garden spaces!