Monday, December 5, 2011

Wreathmaking 101 = Deck The Halls = What a Week!

And what a week it was!  As if getting organized after Thanksgiving and preparing for yet another craft fair this past weekend wasn't enough, I also worked with about 30 children and youth at my church, Saint Andrew Presbyterian Church, in Purcellville, Virginia to celebrate the beginning of Advent, per request from our Associate Pastor, Jessica McClure-Archer. She can be very persuasive!  It was also a night to help decorate the church with festive greens throughout the sanctuary and adorn the Christmas trees there, too.  So, the church was filled with lot's of excitement and people.

 Claudia Kirk, assisting one of our middle school youth with her wreath.
Of course, when I signed up for this particular gig, I imagined about 10 youth showing up, no problem. But. oh no--it actually was 30+ high school students on down to primary grade kids with a few parents sprinkled in who enthusiastically showed up, Wednesday night, to make their own versions of a beautiful holiday wreath to take home and share with their families.  Someone should have warned me so that I would not have gone and gotten a flu shot that very afternoon and I would not have shown up half exhausted already. 

Good thing for adrenaline. It kicked in at first sight of the first set of kids--the high schoolers-- for their half hour session.  We launched into wreath making 101 complete with several of them texting on their phones at the same time they created their Advent Wreaths.  Believe it or not, by the looks of their wreaths, I think they were actually listening to me explain how to bundle and attach assorted evergreens to the frames--with at least one ear.  Their holiday creations were splendid!  I was also very glad that I stopped to cut some rosemary, lavender, curry plant and eucalyptus from my gardens to bring for the kids to garnish their evergreen wreaths with.  The aroma and silvery appearance of the herbs went over really well and Fellowship Hall at the church smelled wonderful, especially mixed in with the spicy chili dinner being prepared and served for all of us that night.

Carrie Crossfield, me and Katherine making wreaths.
As the night went on, I  worked my way through, did I mention 30 youth from high school age to primary grade age, from 5pm until 7:30pm.  I hardly had time to breath much less think about how my arm and back seemed to be aching just a bit from the flu shot.  I finished up with my new found friend, Katherine, who selected, sized and cut the greens and fashioned a lovely wreath for her mother and father. It was a fun, if not truly eventful and action-packed evening at Saint Andrew Church that night and I'm glad I have twelve months to recuperate.

The Night Bloomers in Christmas-time action at Thursday night's garden club meeting.
Then Thursday was garden club night with "The Night Bloomers," and our annual wreath making event at my friend Kim's house.  After 30 wreaths the night before, and then a glass of wine followed by a glass of spiked eggnog at garden club,  I thought it best to sit this one out and just document the whole affair while this group of talented and knowledgeable gardening women made their wreaths.  Many of the ladies also made beautiful holiday arrangements for their table centerpieces and fireplace mantles. And, they didn't stop there.  Some crafted on and made orange and cinnamon pomanders to take home, as well, for a lovely citrusy fragrance in their homes to mingle with the scents of the rich and mellow winter-time greens of Christmas.  I am so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful group of gardeners who refer to themselves as "The Night Bloomers."

My booth at the 21st Holiday Fine Arts and Crafts Show this past weekend.
Finally, I finished up with the 21st Annual Fine Arts and Crafts Show at Ida Lee Recreation Center in Leesburg, Virginia over the weekend.  My booth was packed to the hilt, as usual, and I am definitely ready for Christmas.  Phew!  What a week, indeed!  All of this holiday hub-bub brings to mind a little song I know...'Tis the season to be jolly...pass the pine and glue and holly...a little tweak here and more green there...falalalalalaaaalalalalaaaaa!  I think I'll sit down now, and can somebody pour me another cup of  that rum eggnog, please?!


  1. WE love Cyndie!!! Thank you sooo much for volunteering last Wednesday night. It was wonderful evening. Everyone loved the wreathmaking so very much, and the beautiful greens filled the whole room with fragrance and Christmas cheer!

    Christmas Blessings,

    Your Persuasive Associate Pastor - Jessica

  2. I have no doubt that every single wreath ended up looking incredibly beautiful. Sorry to have missed such a fun event!
    I think you might have had a glass of eggnog before starting the song... ;)