Monday, October 31, 2011

Season of the Witch

This must be the season of the witch! Who else could conjure up a slushy snowstorm on the brink of one of the scariest nights of the year? Well, maybe the evil ice queen from Narnia but she was busy further north and west of Blooming Hill, thank goodness!

As pretty as it seemed, there was something disconcerting about snow mixed with the peak of autumn colors...nothing seemed to blend, going from stark whites and cold greys to warm browns and muted reds looking wilted and forlorn in all of the wetness.

And, talk about frost on the pumpkins! They seemed totally confused and completely out of their element, covered in thick and icy white-frosted-slushy-style snow. No, nothing seemed to blend together at all for what should have been a beautiful amber-golden last weekend of this October month when flowers should have been flaunting their last "hoo-rah" in style.

So now we know that's how witches seem to role...or fly. They are pernickety, cranky creatures given to all sorts of mood swings. Throwing down grey-icy crystals on us one moment and making beautiful rainbow colors while sweeping through the trees, enjoying the warm autumn sun, the next moment.

It must be the season of the witch...Who else could conjure up days such as these?  What might come next during the season of the turkey?...I shudder to think.


  1. Love your narrative... a fun read and the pics tell all! We had the same weather last year for Halloween. This year it's waiting for the weekend. I'm melancholy about Autumn leaving so soon.

  2. I see you had some darling dumplings (or whatever they call those cute, sweet little squash).

  3. I'm in No Virginia and will plan a road trip to your wonderful shop!! I'm so glad I found your blog!!