Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Wedding Blues/Yellows/Greens is Wedding Bliss

Jennifer and Carl surrounded by the wedding party at the rehearsal the night before the wedding.
Azure-tinged hydrangeas, chartreuse-bright chrysanthemums and papery blushed-white and pale yellow roses laced with sapphire delphinium and lemon-colored snap dragons all intricately gathered together were the colors of a summer's wedding day in Chicago this past weekend.  My niece, Jennifer, was married and oh, what a lovely, modern bride she was in her long, white satin gown trimmed in pearls and bugle beads with a sheer yet modest veil to compliment her up-swept blond tresses, clear blue eyes and beautiful smile.

My brother, Bob, and sister-in-law, Joanne, the happy parents of the bride.
Jennifer's bridesmaids, garbed in sapphire satin certainly added to the dazzle of the day and everyone agreed that Jennifer and her mother, Joanne, created a fairytale wedding fit for a modern bride.  Here, the girls stand waiting, at the house, for the limousine to pick them up and take them to the church. Beautiful, bright dresses on a warm summer's day for beautiful, bright young women sparkling in sunshine.  Blue is a powerful color, in its calming nature, so inspirational and sincere.

Then, it was time.  Everyone was ready and it was off to the wedding.  Peter, Kevin and I followed them to the hotel where the nuptials took place.  Although black tuxedos adorned with white or yellow rose boutonnieres were worn by the groom and groomsmen, blue blazers and bow ties were the attire of choice by the Rinek men.

The flowers were elegant yet simple, elaborate yet not overdone in any way imaginable, revealing once again the simple abundance of what mother nature is capable of in the way of wedding bouquets and arrangements, with a little help from a tasteful and talented florist. The traditional bridal flower used especially during Victorian times, blue hydrangeas, be-decked each guests' table offering devotion, understanding and friendship. What lovely sentiments to tie the wedding guests together with the bride and groom as well as their loving parents.

The bride's bouquet was a combination of white and blush-pink roses with tiny sprigs of royal blue delphinium and light green hydrangea peaking out amidst waxy green nandina berries. Their stems were swathed in soft satin. The bouquet represented the pure love and simple happiness that enveloped not only the couple of the hour, but also everyone there who helped celebrate their special day. The bridesmaids' bouquets were just as lovely and complimented Jennifer's perfectly in delicate yellows, soft greens and pearly whites peaking out.

The flower sprays that adorned the bridal platform and bridal tables were just lovely.  In the language of flowers we all know that perfect white roses represent innocent and pure love while blushed-pink roses embellished this meaning with their unconscious beauty. Huge, freckled white Madonna lilies along with blue delphinium conveyed open hearts and ardent attachment for each other.

The entire affair was all about a celebration of family, togetherness and, for me, the beautiful flowers that adorned the entire happy occasion.  From the moment, my sister started pinning boutonnieres onto the groomsmens' lapels to after the reception when my cousin, Bonnie, and I were admiring the hydrangeas and even bringing a few home for momentos, it was a grand affair.  Congratulations to Jennifer and her new husband Carl.


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