Monday, May 2, 2011

A Grand Opening Gift from April to May....

Happy May! It was a wonderfully busy week, this last one of April that is, weather wise-wise, activity-wise and even flower-wise. The showers of April gave way to sunshine on the last day of the month only to return again to herald in the arrival of May and even though it rained on May Day, it did nothing to dampen my spirits. How could it when the flowers at this time of the year are this luscious looking?

No matter the weather, I think May Day certainly brings out the best in flowers.  Even the pink tree peony bloomed in honor of our Blooming Hill Grand Opening  So, sit back, take a load off and enjoy the show about the week leading up to our very special event..

The rain came in torrents on Wednesday and rushed through our small ponds, over the driveway and down through the stream bed. It circled the new shop but never touched it, even though it seemed as if there was standing water everywhere.  A sign of good craftsmanship, I believe and a good sign, in general, for sure! 

Friday, the electrician who wired the garden shop, Eddie Moore, stopped by to wish us luck and took a look at the place all decked out. He and Tucker had become fast friends during the past few weeks and I can't decide which one will miss the other more.  However, we did get the seal of approval from Dominion Virginia Power as well so we were good to go by Friday evening for Saturday festivities.

Also, on Friday evening, our friend Dennis, in honor of our new shop, brought us the most beautiful flower arrangement of creamy white roses and stock, chartreuse hydrangea and merlot-tinted hellebore's--all fluffy and ladened with sweet fragrance. It rivaled Kate Middleton's bridal bouquet! We placed it front and center on the tea service table Saturday morning and brightened the already sunny day. It was so thoughtful of him to think of us and share in the celebration of our Grand Opening. Thank you so much, Dennis. Come anytime!

By Saturday, all of that rain was only a memory as we finally greeted the day of our Blooming Hill Garden Shop Grand Opening. After mowing the lawn, weeding and mulching garden beds, reorganizing the greenhouse for the umpteenth time, setting tables for tea and also setting up a small tent at the PHilomont garden PHair, it was suddenly 10am on Saturday morning.  Time to put away the hammers, nails and garden tools and greet our  guests.

Below are a few pictures of the shop if you did not get a chance to stop by on Saturday.  Go ahead and peruse the place.  The Shop looks bright and lovely and airy.  Kind of like home, don't you think?
That's me in behind the counter!
Pillows galore along with the garden decor.
Lovely iron garden chairs frame a Pembrook drop leaf table and a rustic cupboard.
Every bit ready to greet friends and customers!

It was a busy first business day here at our Blooming Hill shop serving tea, sharing garden knowledge, making new friends and especially welcoming old friends. A perfectly perfect way to bid adieu to the first full month of spring and set our sights on a new chapter with May Day baskets at the ready.  Even the prodigal son returned home to help out, if only here and there and for a few weeks, after a very busy sophomore year at college.

Stop by and visit me here at Blooming Hill.  I'm here, for sure , on Fridays and Saturdays.
So, here we are now in the first week of May, already. The month of flowers and sunshine and garden tours and events galore with a store full of garden boot.  A new chapter for us in spring to look forward to with pieces of April to savor in May. What glorious!


  1. Cyndie,

    Everything looks fantastic! I spoke to Marcia today, and we both agree we need to stop by!

  2. I love how your shop changes just a little bit each time I have seen it. It certainly makes me want to make it a regular event on my calendar!