Monday, March 7, 2011

Lego Mania

Although March may have come in pretty much like a lamb this past week, meteorologic-ally speaking and activity-wise, here at Blooming Hill, March vaguely resembled that of a lion. That is, a lion who likes to build Legos. Even the Philomont Community Center seemed inspired to get into the Lego-building action happening around this tiny hamlet in the foothills of the Blue Ridge...must be something in the rain water...

The week was filled with floor building, and setting the wall studs in place in order to raise the roof beams by this past weekend. Like I've said before, never a dull moment and at least the weather held. And, it always helps to keep the instructions handy, too. The wide plank floor was so pretty that it only seemed fitting to take off your shoes before walking on it. It does my heart good to know that I've trained them so well.

By the weekend, March was in full swing here at Blooming Hill and I can't believe I missed most of the action but I did hear enough war stories to keep my imagination running wild. While I was busy at the "Spring Bling" Craft Show in Leesburg, Virginia, Peter and company (aka the "Lego-building lions") were busy swinging from ridge poles, hanging from rafters and balancing beams in pursuit of raising the roof supports on the studio/showroom--which I'm now renaming the Garden Shop--before Kevin headed back to school and the heavy rains arrived, all scheduled for Sunday.

Again, our good friends and neighbors, the McKenna's, arrived like the calvery to help save the day and complete this leg of our building adventure.  I wish I had pictures to show you but Peter said they were in such a groove that no one stopped to take any.  So, just like me, you will have to use your imagination to see them all working steadily and with purpose to fit the Lego pieces together.  By the time I came home on Saturday evening, my soon-to-be little garden shop was looking something like, well--a soon-to-be little garden shop with the hatches all buttoned down to help keep out the rain.

By Sunday morning, the rain had arrived and the son had left for college, once again...sigh.  However, there's no time for feeling sad because the warmer weather from this past week has begun to nudge the gardens out of their winter doldrums.  While making a few experimental lavender cuttings, I noticed the bushes are beginning to break which means I'm already behind schedule in pruning and preparing them for spring.  Also, hyacinths, daffodils, iris and even tulips are beginning to peak through the soil so beds need clearing of winter debris and prepped for mulching as well.  So much to much to do! 

The rain over the weekend reminds me that it's not too early to also spread some much needed grass seed in bare and thinning spots and, it's always a good time to try and at least make a good attempt at getting ahead of the weeds.  Aside from all of this, hopefully "Lego-Mania" will continue and the actual roof will begin to go on the garden shop next weekend, weather permitting.  So much to much to to you much to do!

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  1. Wow! What progress! Your flowers are further ahead than ours (which got a shock this morning with a coating of icy snow).