Monday, September 20, 2010

A Very "Fair" Weekend

If you happened to be rambling down country roads in far Western Loudoun County this past weekend, chances are you may have meandered by the Bluemont Fair and could not resist stopping to take in the sights and sounds of this historic and beautiful village. Crystal blue skies, soft breezes, bright sunshine, country music, cotton candy, lemonade, llamas and lots of home-style cookin' coupled with beautiful crafts and an old-fashioned flea market added up to a perfect day in the foothills of the Blue Ridge.  At least, that's how I enjoyed my weekend.

As a vendor at the fair, selling my home-grown lavender and everlastings from the garden, Peter's eucalyptus wreaths and folk art paintings of Loudoun Towns as well as many other crafts, I thoroughly enjoyed myself, once again, seeing my neighbors and meeting new friends who all have an interest in preserving this country way of life while living in a fast-paced modern world.  Above is a picture of my booth just before the fair opened on Saturday morning--colorful yet peaceful and everything made with love and care. I thought it was one of the prettiest booths we've ever set up.

Along with our Blooming Hill Craft Booth, Peter was ambitious enough to man a second one selling some antiques and garden statuary at the other end of town where he could watch the passersby wander through a farm market, petting zoo and antique cars and tractors.  Everyone was just a bit laid back, even if they didn't stop for the wine tastings.  They were just having a good time. 

Peter's booth neighbor, Joan, who I know through my Night Bloomers Garden Club, brought cookies to share with him on Sunday, which made his weekend all the more sweeter.  He has all of the luck...

As for me, well, my friend Tammy acquainted herself with running a craft booth by bringing some of her own very sweet and intricately made little handbags to sell at my booth.  Even though this was her first time as a craft vendor, she was also a seasoned professional at meeting and greeting customers and selling the purses she has put her heart and soul into.  I think, between the two of us, we probably new at least half of the fair visitors--helps to be a local around here.  The other half became our friends by the time they left the Blooming Hill booth.  I always love hearing from the people who come into the booth, how they were drawn in by the scent of lavender, mint, eucalyptus, lemon and rose.  One french woman told me how the sight of lavender and it's aroma in my booth reminded her of her childhood in Provence and the home where her parents still live.  What a wonderful compliment.  She made me feel a little homesick for Provence as well and I haven't even been there...yet!  Note to self...tell Peter that we are going!...sometime soon, I hope.

And then there was Peter's picture of this beautiful town of Bluemont, Virginia which was a highlight in both of our booths this past weekend.  I think it attracted as many fair visitors into our booths as the lovely lavender and the showy eucalyptus wreaths.  It depicts 28 historic homes and buildings throughout the village including period horse carriages and even a country wedding.  Village old-timers and new transplants all came to ooohhhh and aaaahhh over his glimpse of Americana.

Bluemont is situated on a narrow and winding road that climbs up through a mountain pass which opens up to a vista of rolling hills and valleys that once led settlers to the west. Later, it was known as a resort town for busy Washingtonians during  the Victorian era.  I think, in many ways neighbors and visitors, alike, would tell you Bluemont is still a bit of a resort to live in.  And, on the third weekend, each September for forty-one years now, people come to visit here, where neighbors meet neighbors and even the strangers are friendly and the sun shines down on this quaint little town.

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