Saturday, July 3, 2010

Happy 4th of July!'s July 3rd but I want to wish you all a Happy Fourth of July today before I wake up on July 5th and realize I'm too late!  Soooo, Happy Fourth of July from me, and, my lavender crew here at Blooming Hill!  Yes..we are still picking!!!  The one standing in this picture turns 19-years-old on July 5th (sigh) so, that's another holiday around here...never a dull moment a Blooming Hill.

Since it is July 3rd, I thought I'd let you know that, according to garden lore, today marks the official start to the "Dog Days of Summer" and these hottest and unhealthiest of summer days will last until August 11.  This old gardener's tale, although according to today's weather forecast and going forward makes it sound close to the truth, is linked with the rising of the Dog Star, Sirius, and warns of either a long dry spell or a long wet our case, DRY is the word for the "Dog Days of Summer."  So find some shade, grab a lemonade, take a dip in the nearest pond and have a Happy Fourth of July!  Find comfort and joy in the fact that some of the prettiest of flowers and the most colorful of vegetables are yet to come.  So, that is certainly something to look forward to...

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