Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mid-November Brilliance

Here it is, smack-dab in the middle of November and even after four straight days of gloomy Nor'easter weather, we still have some autumn brilliance hanging on...
The Kousa Dogwoods and an ornamental cherry tree still boast their beauty all around the perimeter of our house. Even the spindly and still very young Franklinia Tree (first picture) defies the laws of nature and holds on to it's leaves a few days more.

Fothergilla is planted down at the entry of our driveway. It is a beautiful deciduous shrub of medium size known for it's white, spikey yet frothy flowers in the spring and it's long-lasting, brilliant autumn color, not to mention it's lovely shape all year round.

This stand of Bradford Pear Trees line my neighbor's driveway and provide a cheery and vibrant welcome to visitors. These particular trees seem to be late in turning color and losing their leaves this year...lucky neighbors! Their color may still be around on Thanksgiving Day.

Although fog and dreariness can often render November to be thought of as a "cheerless" month, I find this particular day to be full of glory. I love the golden fountain grass, layered over tall Pussy Willow and oak tree branches, all lit up against the blue-grey lavender shrubs.

I came across this most awesome tangle of bittersweet on the side of the road and had to pull over and take a couple of pictures of it. If I had a pair of garden snippers with me, I would have been tempted to cut a lot of it down and bring it home to use for crafts. It must be handled very carefully since it is extremely invasive and, other than crafters, deer are probably the only other mammals on earth that see this plant for it's beauty and bounty. Beware, once it takes hold in your yard it doesn't leave kindly so better to just leave it along the road and admire it's beauty from afar. Still plenty of beauty to be thankful for.

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