Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Lavender in the Making

The fairs are coming...The fairs are coming...Oh my! I'm barely a week into bundling and arranging lavender and making ready to sell the fruits of my labors and I'm already feeling a bit overwhelmed. Not to worry, if I keep taking deep breaths of this heady fragrance while working on it, I should be able to stay somewhat relaxed...in between sneezing, of course.

I have other everlastings drying down in the basement as well; Strawflowers, Seafoam Lavender, German Statice, scented geraniums, hydrangeas, Lady's Mantle, and so on. The pussy willow is stashed in the attic. What you are seeing here, hanging in the laundry room, is not the half of it and I will be working everyday on this until I have it all down from the rafters and made into potpourri, pretty bundles and/or arrangements of some kind. The first of the country fairs that I participate in is September 19 and 20 in Bluemont, VA.

Whatever drives me to do this year after year, I cannot tell you until I look at a basket of lavender "be-ribboned" and ready to go. Sometimes, I think I haven't set my eyes on anything prettier, especially when the lavender is grouped into beautiful baskets and containers for display and sale at these fairs. Lavender is a sight to behold, not only on the bush but also in the basket.

Garden lore tells of a saying that goes,"If lavender grows well in the garden, the girls of the house will not marry." Imagine that--probably because the prospective suitors of those girls took a look at their mother's laundry room and realized that the washing and drying machines are used more as work tables for drying and preparing lavender throughout the summer rather than for their original purpose which is to wash and dry clothes and figured they may never see a clean shirt again. Oh well, we all have our priorities. Good thing Peter and I have a son.

I'll show more lavender progress, as I make it, in days to come. Stay tuned...

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