Tuesday, May 5, 2009

PHilomont garden PHair

In spite of the the constant rain, the PHilomont garden PHair went on because we all know that a little rain never scares a true gardener away--it only encourages them! A little rain in the hair and mud on the feet nourishes the soul. Wet clothes--no problem! Good times--yes!

My booth is the second picture at the top--the one where no one is manning it because, of course, I am taking the pictures here at the beginning of Sunday morning just as the the PHair started it's second day. Over 15 hardy and smiling local exhibitors were on hand even as the rain poured down upon their tents (thank goodness for tents.) They offerred garden related items from all natural doggie cookies, picnic tables, lavender and any herb, annual, vegetable and/or perrennial you may be needing. A certified arborist set up a booth and answered many questions, for free, concerning the health and condition of homeowners trees and plants. Even pottery, wooden bowls and jewelry for Mother's Day gifts and finds from the garden were available to buy. It really was a wonderful event and all said they would do it again. That's good because May Day will come again next year and even when it rains, the sun always shines in Philomont.

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